Green Bean Stroganoff


2 C yogurt (or a combination of yogurt and buttermilk), room temperature
1 lb green beans
½ lg onion
2 T oil or butter
½ lb mushrooms
2 small or half of large eggplant (½-3/4 lb)
1 tsp salt
pinch pepper
2 tsp cornstarch

Wash green beans and cut into bite-size pieces. Steam until tender. While the beans cook. chop the onion and saute in oil or butter. Slice mushrooms in thick pieces and add them to the onion. Cook and stir until tender. Cube eggplant and add to mushrooms. Cover and steam until tender, stirring as necessary to prevent sticking. Add green beans and season with salt and pepper. Beat yogurt (or yogurt and buttermilk) smooth. Stir cornstarch into the beaten yogurt and bring it to a boil, stirring vigorously; it will separate and then smooth out again. Add to the bean mixture. Serve over rice. noodles, or kasha.