Farm Policy

Willow Pond Farm is the first CSA to operate in Maine and we have been going strong since 1989.

Our goal is to provide farm fresh, MOFGA/USDA certified organic food to a community of shareholders on a seasonal or year round basis. We are operating with the constant fluctuations of climate change but can assure you that we work with joy and optimism that is rewarded by your support and appreciation.

We will assure a 23 week supply for a summer share. Full shares are designed for 2 adults and small children. Half share is designed for 1-2 adults. The winter share will be a monthly supply for five months(full shares only).

At sign up, shareholders agree to come on either Mondays or Thursdays, adhere to their payment option, and make sure they read all e-mails from the farm.

Notification must be made a week in advance of any day change, vacation plan that you want your share put on hold for pick up on another distribution date, or if you simply want the share to be donated.

If, due to circumstances beyond your control, you need to cancel your share, you will be responsible for finding someone to buy the remaining balance.