How pick up day works

* You choose on your order form a Monday or Thursday pick up day.
* Your veggies will be ready to be picked up by noon on your pick up day.
* There are designated half share boxes and designated full share boxes.
* Bring your own tote bags and take home everything in the box. There will be a note which tells you what you are getting and gives helpful tips and a recipe.
* Other farm goods will be available to add to our box of veggies. View the webstore weekly for available products.
* For self serve on your pick up day, please place cash or checks in the cash box and write purchase items down on the account form. Be sure to check off that you received our add-on/pre-ordered items AND if you paid (preferable) or if you are charging the items.
* Pre-orders and pre-pay for farm store goods is encouraged through the webstore but must be done 2 days prior to your pick up day.
*There is an herb and flower garden for you to enjoy, maintain and pick from. We really appreciate a few minutes of your time to keep this area beautiful. The note will list things ready to pick.
*We hope you will enjoy the connection to your food and walk the gardens and sit in the yard enjoying a picnic or quiet moment.
* The veggies will remain in your box for 2 days, but they will lose vibrancy if you wait.
*If you will be on vacation or unable to pick up your share please let us know.
*You can get a double share the previous or next week,
*Have a friend pick up and enjoy your share
*Have us distribute the share to others
*Just plain miss a week
But please let us know so veggies don't go to waste!